The Idea

You’re probably asking, “so what’s the idea with this website?” Well, here it is:

Healthy soil, clean water and sound wetlands are all crucial components of well-functioning ecosystems and agricultural landscapes all over our planet. My name is Colby and I am an assistant professor of soil science at Kansas State University. My intention for this website is to communicate soil, water, and wetland science to a general audience in a way that makes science fun and easy to understand. Blog posts will include such topics as soil science in the news; my perspectives on conservation-related policy; fun stories; resources for students, parents, and educators; updates on my research; and more. My first blog post, found here, explains who I am and what my intentions are for Colby Digs Soil. This website was unfortunately neglected for a few years, but I’m working on getting caught back up on blog posts and site updates in 2020.

Thanks for stopping by!

If you have suggestions or feedback you’d like sent directly to me, please fill out the form below:



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