A Spade is a Spade… or Sharp Shooter

I’ve been in grad school at NC State for almost 4 straight years now. Ever since I’ve arrived in North Carolina, I’ve thought that the use of the word “sharp shooter” to describe a tile spade (what I’ve always refferred to as a spade; see picture on right) has been kind of weird. I neverContinue reading “A Spade is a Spade… or Sharp Shooter”

Colby’s Bro, Matt Gets an Agronomist Job

My older brother Matt recently got his first job in his new career field – agronomy. He will be a research associate with Schillinger Genetics, a non-GMO soybean genetics company. Matt was a contractor for several years, but eventually decided that it wasn’t for him. He ended up in the Iowa State University Agronomy Department.Continue reading “Colby’s Bro, Matt Gets an Agronomist Job”

SoilWeb – A Soil Survey App

SoilWeb is a smart phone app developed by the California Soil Resource Lab for Android and iPhone devices. In a nutshell, it reads your GPS location and brings up a description of the soil series (or soil mapping unit) on which your standing. The first screen shows what a soil pedon (3-dimensional view of aContinue reading “SoilWeb – A Soil Survey App”

Groundhog Day Field Work

I made a trip to my research site on Groundhog Day. Before I tell you about the trip, I’ll first give you a little background on what I actually do for my research. The focus of my dissertation is examining phosphorus dynamics in wetlands restored from agricultural soils. In lamen’s terms I look at theContinue reading “Groundhog Day Field Work”