Soil Science on the Late Show

When I’m not trudging around in a swamp, mixing up chemicals in a lab, writing something on a computer, or partaking in one of my many hobbies, I enjoy my fair share of TV. Last night I was staying up later than I should and was watching The Late Show with David Letterman. His guestContinue reading “Soil Science on the Late Show”

The Soil Orders – Histosols

This is the second of a series of blog posts where I will describe some of the interesting features of each of the 12 soil orders in Soil Taxonomy – the soil classification system developed for the US by the United States Department of Agriculture. Each order will be “profiled” (forgive the bad soils pun)Continue reading “The Soil Orders – Histosols”

Earth Day 2012 – Activity Ideas & I Heart Soil Campaign

Happy Earth Day everyone. Earth Day is a holiday celebrated by people of all walks of life in a variety of ways. In the past I’ve celebrated it by doing trash clean-ups, educating the public about water quality using an ISU SWCC groundwater flow model, and more. I’m not planning any environment-related activity for todayContinue reading “Earth Day 2012 – Activity Ideas & I Heart Soil Campaign”

Stand Up for Ag!

A few months ago, a “writer” by the name of Terrance Loose wrote a piece for Yahoo Education entitled College Majors That Are Useless, and in that article listed several majors that are anything but useless. On that list agriculture, animal science, and horticulture were listed as three of the top five most worthless collegeContinue reading “Stand Up for Ag!”