Nature Geosciences: Rare Earth Scientists

I came across an interesting article recently in Nature Geoscience called “Rare Earth Scientists” that discussed how there is a large demand for scientists in the earth science fields, yet the availability of scientists is falling short. Here are some interesting parts of the article:

As a result of these emerging job opportunities for geoscientists, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment of geoscientists in the US will grow disproportionately, by 21% between 2010 and 2020.

And this one:

Compared with other science subjects — physics, chemistry and biology — there are only a small number of Earth-science graduates. Registrations for undergraduate courses at US institutions are on the rise (, but the job market globally is expanding even faster.

It then discusses how geoscientist need to speak with teachers and students to encourage them to enter the profession. I think being a “geoscientist”, or a soil scientists specifically, gives me the perfect opportunity to do computer and lab work, but add a healthy balance of field work. It’s not just doing the same repetitive things over and over like engineering, or other lab-only science professions.

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