Colby’s Bro, Matt Gets an Agronomist Job

Matt (right) and myself (left) watching a St. Louis Cardinals game at the 2010 SWCS annual meeting

My older brother Matt recently got his first job in his new career field – agronomy. He will be a research associate with Schillinger Genetics, a non-GMO soybean genetics company. Matt was a contractor for several years, but eventually decided that it wasn’t for him. He ended up in the Iowa State University Agronomy Department. He is in his last semester there and will graduate with a BS in Agronomy in May.

You can read about what the genetics company does on the link above. Matt said they breed non-GMO soybeans for a variety of uses, but he mentioned specific uses including fish food for aquaculture, tofu, etc.

Matt’s always had a green thumb. I’m sure he’ll have success in his new career. Good luck in your new job Matt!


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